Wednesday, August 15, 2007

E-Board Retreat Plans A Big Year

SFVYD's E-board: Eli Lipmen, Gerrard Panahon, Patty Salazar, Jesse Switzer, David Phelps, Greg Girvan, Damian Carroll, Miguel Santiago. Not pictured: Angelica Ayala, Becca Doten, Adrin Nazarian

SFVYD's E-board met last weekend in Oxnard to plan the upcoming year's budget, calendar of events, and goals. After many hours of discussion and brainstorming, we've set an ambitious agenda for '07-'08 that includes recruiting and engaging a diverse and active membership, bringing further transparency to club activities, endorsements and debate, and channeling the energy of young voters inspired by the Presidential election.

Some of our additional goals for the coming year:

  • Working to defeat a planned initiative for the June '08 election that would split California's electoral votes, essentially handing the next Presidency to a Republican.

  • Mentoring local college and high school activists to develop Democratic clubs on campus.

  • Utilizing web and print advertising to promote SFVYD events to a larger audience.

  • Continuing to educate our membership on the leading political and policy issues of the day.

  • Expanding our successful SFVYD Grants program, helping YD clubs in "red" areas to take root and grow.

  • Sending SFVYD members to the CDP State and DNC National Conventions.

  • Endorsing a full slate of federal, state and local candidates, state propositions and judicial races, and backing up those endorsements with slate mailers, phone banking and precinct walking.

  • Continuing to work with other YD clubs in the LA area through a series of YD Leadership Summits.

These are just a few of the broad goals we've set for our organization. You can see we've set an ambitious agenda, and to succeed we'll need the combined energy of all our members and supporters. We hope we can count on you to volunteer your time and effort to make this SFVYD's best year ever.

ALSO... There are still positions open on our Executive Board! This is a great opportunity to take your role in SFVYD to the next level. Open positions include an all-important Membership Director, Director of Diversity, Director of Technology, and Volunteer Director. If you are interested in serving (don't worry about experience - we'll show you the ropes) please contact Eli at

Thanks and please keep checking in for updates and new events!