Thursday, July 12, 2007

Want the Democratic Presidential Candidates to Come to You? Vote on It!

Tired of watching the Presidential candidates on TV as they hold rallies in Iowa or New Hampshire? Don't want to drive downtown to see Senator Obama or Senator Clinton?

It is very easy to get the Presidential candidates come to you - here in the San Fernando Valley.

Last month, Senator John Edwards, one of the Democratic Presidential candidate (if you didn't already know he was running since 2004!) did something no presidential candidate has ever done -- commit to visit the city or town that creates the most demand on Senator Edwards will also answer at least ten questions from the "demanders" in the winning city.

The competition ends on July 18th so you only have a few days left to place your demand. Go to to cast your vote.

And if Edwards is not your candidate, you can join the groups for the other candidates to start getting involved with their campaign.

For Senator Barak Obama, go here.
For Senator Hillary Clinton, go here.

To see all the political candidates and political events across the country, click here.

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